A Shelter For Fragile Egos: Jeff Sessions Tells Pre-Screened Law Students Asking Pre-Screened Questions That He Loves Free Speech (Except For, You Know, Black People)


Protesting the defense of the indefensible. Twitter photo

Surrounded by a massive police presence, the country's teeny, racist, authoritarian alleged top law enforcement official blithely ignored his own monumental hypocrisy in a speech to a select group of law students at Georgetown University's Law School in which he praised the great American tenet of free speech and thought. The speech by Attorney General Jeff Sessions was only announced the day before and was only open to conservative students of the originalist-themed Center for the Constitution, who had to submit their questions beforehand; other students who inadvertently got invites were firmly but "regrettably" told the records were "in error" and "unfortunately, we will not be able offer you a seat." (We think they meant, "at the table," but can't prove it.)

Sessions' appearance was met with protests by crowds of students and faculty, many of whom took a knee to call out the presence of a man famously deemed too racist to be a federal judge. In a letter signed by about a third of the law faculty, professors cited his many chilling actions "antithetical to freedom of speech and association" - from prosecuting black voting rights activists to failing to investigate the epidemic of police shootings of unarmed black men to dismantling DACA - to argue, "A man who fails to recognize paradigmatic violations of the First Amendment is a poor choice to speak about free speech on campuses."

Evidently Sessions is worried about free speech too, though not in the way we are: He told students academia is supposed to be about "the search for truth, not the imposition of truth by a government censor,” and that it's “transforming into an echo chamber of political correctness and homogenous thought, a shelter for fragile egos.” Above all, he proclaimed, "In this great land, the government does not tell you what to think or what to say." Ha ha ha ha. We would collapse to the floor in laughter at that claim except we're too busy trying to upgrade our ole Irony Alert buzzer, which is getting some worn out.

In response to a question, Sessions then neatly - or in truth extravagantly messily - sequed into denouncing uppity, knee-taking, African American football players for practising that very same freedom of speech in the name of racial equality. Hours after his Cheeto-slathered boss continued to argue (REALLY??) like a pathetic dog with a small bone that those sons-of-bitches should be fired - "The NFL has all sorts of rules and regulations. The only way out for them is to set a rule that you can't kneel during our National Anthem!" - Sessions defended Trump. Less than compellingly, we have to say, he argued such protesting “weakens the commitment” of citizens to the country and besides, "the President has free speech rights too.” Not for long, we hope.


Oh yeah, last night the entire Dallas Cowboys - "America's Team!"- also took a knee. 

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