We're Sorry, Are These Disabled Protesters Who Could Die From Your Bill Disturbing Your Rest By Getting Dragged Out In Their Wheelchairs?


 Colleen Flanagan of Boston being arrested for seeking to stay alive. Photo by Andrew Harnik/AP

Chanting "Kill the Bill, Not Us," over a hundred furious activists, many in wheelchairs, halted Monday's only scheduled hearing on the travesty that is the Graham-Cassidy anti-health-care-bill. Before getting hauled out and arrested by a "staggering" number of Capitol Police, the protesters - many from the disability-rights group ADAPT who had gotten up at four that morning to join long lines for the hearing - were met with a response only the current cretins in power could conjure up. Senator and Chairman Orrin Hatch, who ordered the protesters forcibly removed, told them, "If you want a hearing, you'd better shut up," adding there was no reason for him to waste his time “if the hearing is going to devolve into a sideshow."

Lindsey Graham, the disastrous bill's co-sponsor, watched stone-faced as police dragged shrieking protesters out of the room, in some cases lifting them out of their wheelchairs. The other sponsor, Bill Cassidy, did him one better in the relaxed indifference department: He literally yawned through the turmoil. Huff Post's Matt Fuller, "A good time to reevaluate what you're doing in Congress is maybe when people are being dragged out of wheelchairs over your bill idk." The debacle likewise prompted Sen. Ron Wyden, the ranking Democrat on the committee, to charge, “The process that led to this is an abomination.” He might as well have been referencing the state of the Republic.

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