Bay Area's Poops For Peace and Calling All Clowns: Because Fascism Is No Laughing Matter

Bay Area's Poops For Peace and Calling All Clowns: Because Fascism Is No Laughing Matter


One of many posters created for Juanita More's March For Equality

Activists in San Francisco, that "cool grey city of love," are getting creative as they prepare to face off against a rally by Patriot Prayer, yet another so-called "free-speech" gathering of creeps, losers and bigots scheduled for Saturday at Crissy Field, in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge. Despite opposition by city officials, the National Park Service finally issued a permit to the Oregon-based Patriot Prayer, with restrictions ranging from closing off the area to vehicles to screening for weapons to bans on shields and pepper spray. Patriot Prayer's leader Joey Gibson, a yuge Trump fan, insists he is not a white nationalist or supremacist, though Nazis have had a weird way of showing up at his earlier rallies in Portland, Seattle and elsewhere. Officials have also approved several permits for counter-protests, some coordinated by Resistance SF - "No Hate In the Bay."

Aptly for the home of the Summer of Love, many boast a high-spirited, circus-like tone gleefully modeled on the German town of Wunsiedel, where residents trolled Nazis with an "involuntary walkathon" that raises money to fight Nazis. Among them: Calling All Clowns and Flowers For Fascists; a kayakers' Bay Resistance Brigade Paddle-Out; a Cutest Lil Counter-Protest - "Hate Ain't Cute" - by kids pledging a buck per white supremacist to the Southern Poverty Law Center; an Adopt-a-Nazi campaign by the Jewish Bar Association, also raising money for SPLC; a Rally and March For Equality led by famed drag queen Juanita More, raising money for several diversity-themed groups; and a shit-themed effort by several thousand dog-owners to "leave a gift for our alt-right friends" in Crissy Field "because poop is easier to clean up than hate." In the face of hateful groups seeking to create fear, says longtime LGBTQ activist Cleve Jones, the goal is to "dispel fear...We say we're going to fight you and we're going to have a ball doing it."




Poops For Peace

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