Trump To Arizona Sheeple: You Know Where My Heart (Sic) Is. Yup, Alas We Do.


Protesters in Phoenix. Twitter photos

Oh man. Another hallucinatory hiccup in the tawdry downfall of the Republic. The narcissistic dumpster went to Phoenix, Arizona because he hasn't had anyone cheering for him for a while. The crowds of protesters outside were huge, with inflatables -KKK Trump, Joe Arpaio in prison garb, the Golden-Haired Chicken! - on display. The crowds of sheep-like supporters inside were thin. Still, they valiantly cheered as he incoherently threatened to shut down the government if Congress won't build his stupid wall and defended his Charlottesville remarks - “the words were perfect” - by leaving out all the bad parts - "many sides," "both sides" - and raving that hate groups are actually the fault of totally dishonest media who are "trying to take away the history and our heritage....I really think they don’t like our country." Sigh. Some supporters circulated an image of a massive crowd welcoming him in the streets, except it turned out the photo was from a Cleveland Cavaliers parade in 2016. What can we say? We're doomed, unless we keep asking, Wait? What? Why is the deranged so-called leader of a months-old, catastrophically failing presidency holding friggin' campaign rallies? Don't forget it's insane.


Deplorables inside


More views of outside

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