Walls Work (In Your Fever Dreams)


Trump on the Wall, which deserve each other. Reuters photo.

Given Our National Disgrace's blindly idiotic love of walls, it was only a matter of time before he turned up on an infamous one: Israel's Apartheid Wall. This week, the Trumpster - who once famously claimed, "Walls work - just ask Israel" - appeared twice on the wall in the occupied West Bank that daily afflicts Palestinians, offering an opportunity for new selfies and a bittersweet sliver of comic relief. The new images were a gift from Australian street artist Lushsux - not Banksy as initially rumored, though he worked with him on last year's "Dismaland" - who often trolls celebrities but periodically visits political issues. In an earlier sardonic video titled "What's Up, Palestine," Lushsux filmed piles of garbage before zooming to the Apartheid Wall, where he's scrawled, "Open Borders For Israel."

In one of this week's new images mirroring Trump's farcical visit to the Western Wall, he leans intimately into the wall, with a thought bubble promising, "I'm going to build you a brother." In another, he hugs an IDF watchtower as heart-shaped emojis issue from him alongside the wall's usual angry signs of protest and anguish. Like his lunatic claim that "this beautiful, impenetrable wall will be constructed," both images pay tribute to Trump's persistent belief in stupid, ill-informed, entirely unvetted solutions to complex problems - a belief horribly clear in this week's leaked transcripts of his cringeworthy conversations with Mexican and Australian leaders. Again, he summons the fabulous success of apartheid-torn, internationally despised Israel - "You know, you look at Israel" - to convince Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto of his wisdom in all things. Real quote: "Bibi says the wall works." Oy. Artists and resisters, have at him.


Loving us some colonial totalitarianism. Reuters photo


Meanwhile, on the Palestinian side. AFP/Getty Image

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