Smoke, Meet Gun: It Just Goes To Show You Their Exact Moral Compass


Double ugh. Getty photo.

Hapless little Donny Jr. has earned his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, from the savage comparisons to Fredo Corleone/Gob Bluth/the village idiot to the mockery of his "rich-brat sheen of arrogance and stupidity" to the DonJrChildrensBooks hashtag - "Huckleberry Dim," "Greed, Eggs and Scam," "The Taking Tree" - to the observation he has now unwittingly provided evidence of possibly "the dumbest and biggest crime in the history of American politics." All this, on behalf of "an incompetent administration headed by an unqualified descending into criminal comedy and maladroit backstabbing."

"Here's a great unfolding treason," writes Charlie Pierce. "Not just the precise constitutionally defined treason, but a general betrayal of reason, of self-government, of honesty and of high office. They are now committing treason against themselves, grim betrayal winding around itself in coils ever tightening until there is nothing but the foul exhaling of the final breath of things that once belonged to better people than them."

En route, it turns out, Donald Jr. told an unending string of straight-faced lies, joining the other liars in power by spinning his own smug, indignant cant onto the airwaves in denial after denial. An interview with CNN last year, wherein he proclaims how  "disgusting" he finds the rumors of Russian influence, provides a ripe reminder of the chutzpah at work. "Well, it just goes to show you their exact moral compass," he fumes. "I mean, they will say anything to be able to win this. I mean, this is time and time again, lie after lie....They will lie and do anything to win."

Yup. Now the storm is gathering. Couldn't happen to a more-deserving bunch of crooks and creeps and losers. In little Donny's words, we love it.

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