An Uneasy, Awkward Travelling Medicine Showman Whose Remedies Will Kill the Patient

Donald "Face of Thunder" Trump, odd man out at the party. Photo by EPA

Cognitive Dissonance 101:  Our loser-in-chief celebrated his alleged big boy triumphs at Hamburg's G20 Summit by releasing an exquisitely tacky, choir-infused, Mel Brooks-like "Make America Great Again" video - see little Donny pretend to be a statesman and shake all those grown-ups' hands! - and puffing himself up on Twitter (with wow no/nada/zilch sense of irony) for his brilliant idea of setting up "an impenetrable cyber security unit" with BFF Putin. Typical online response: "Too bad Bin Laden is dead. Trump could partner with him to fight terrorism." Meanwhile a renowned conservative Australian journalist offered a blistering, plain-spoken account of what the rest of the world saw, and it wasn't pretty.

The report by Chris Uhlmann, award-winning political editor of the government-funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation, noted Trump "was an uneasy, awkward figure at this gathering...You got the strong sense some leaders were trying to find the best way to work around him." Like a character out of America's wild west, Uhlmann called Trump "a traveling medicine showman selling moonshine remedies that will kill the patient...He has neither the desire nor the capacity to lead the world." Never mind his somewhat normal written speeches, Uhlmann warned: "It  is the unscripted Mr Trump that is real. A man who barks out bile in 140 characters, who wastes his precious days as President at war with the West's institutions - and thus poses "the biggest threat to the values of the West." Uhlmann's commentary quickly went viral, probably both for its savage content and the calm with which it was delivered. Oh yeah, and because it told the truth.  U.S. press take note: This is how you do your job.

Update: Oops. About that whole cyber security thing: never mind.

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