Because Of Them We Can


Cahree Myrick plies his mindful trade at the barbershop. Photo by Amy Davis/Baltimore Sun

Grim week among many. For a small shining glimmer of light and hope, some stories of doing good in the world. Portland survivor Micah Fletcher movingly speaks up for what's right; the other Portland (ours) reportedly becomes the first school district in the country to provide sports hijabs for Muslim female athletes who can now feel their community is "listening to us"; and in a plethora of stories about African-American triumphs over hard times, police murder victim Michael Brown's mother and sister both graduated from high school in his honor, a bunch of robed and beaming kids graduated from elementary school by belting out "Powerful," Cahree Myrick, 12, beat out 249 players from 28 states to become Baltimore's first ever national youth chess champion with a perfect score of 7-0, having long honed his chess skills at the local Reflection Eternal Barbershop.

Finally, even as the Trumpster Fire gave a big middle finger to the only planet we have, stewards of the earth continue to step up to save it. A couple in India has created the Sai Sanctuary, that country's only private wildlife sanctuary, where for 25 years they have been replanting 300 acres of forest and protecting over 200 globally endangered species of plants and animals. In Brazil,  83-year-old Antonio Vicente has spent over 40 years replanting 76 acres of rain forest - about 50,000 native species of trees - lost to ranching and farming, which have in turn brought back eight waterfalls to vibrant life. "This is what I wanted to do," he says of his forest. "This is my family." And when he dies, he says, "What's here will remain for everyone." So. There may yet be hope.

From "Because of Them We Can"

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