KKK Is Okay By Us


All photos by Liz Gorman, courtesy of Bell Visuals

New guerrilla art made a dazzling, albeit brief, appearance this weekend when artist and activist Robin Bell lit up the front of the Department of Justice and FBI buildings in D.C. with light projections calling out AG and good-ole-white-boy Jeff Sessions, along with several of his cronies, for crimes against decency and competence. Bell's hour-long, one-man protest featured beady-eyed images of Sessions dressed as a Klansman with messages urging “#FireSessions” and  "#SessionsMustGo," as well as "#RefusaltoRecuse” and one of Sessions' most infamously racist lines, “I thought the KKK was OK until I learned that they smoked pot.”

Bell's light show was part of a series of truth-telling projections, from a post-election “Experts Agree: Trump is a Pig” blazed over the arched entry of Trump International Hotel to last week's welcome at the same site to emoluments. He hopes such fly-by-night actions will bolster resistance: In the midst of reacting to so many regime abuses, he argues, "You have to create your own story." The latest, which included Russia-themed projections of Trump cronies insisting, “#WeNeedToSeeTheMemo,” targeted Sessions not just for his failure to recuse and affinity for the KKK, but his longtime racism, cruelty and fear-mongering - this, most newly manifested in a revisionist call for a war on crime and drugs long deemed ineffective, and now blasted, even by prosecutors, as "unwise" and "uninformed." Bell is likewise appalled: His final projection showed a stark image of a man behind bars with the message, “1/3 of black males can’t vote because of the war on drugs.”




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