Hyperbole Is Dead

Hyperbole Is Dead


Whoah. It's nigh-on-impossible to keep up with the latest mind-blowing twists in the Comey Paper Trail/ Russia Intel Giveaway/ More Nixonian Than Nixon/ Tangerine Nightmare Circus saga, or even to process the surreal state of the faltering Republic. For now, Maine's Sen. Angus King is talking impeachment, Jason Chaffetz is claiming "I have my subpoena pen ready" for the Comey memo - though online skeptics are either not holding their breath or hoping "your subpoena pen isn't next to your moral compass" -  the Rogue POTUS Staff Twitter account is live again - "Bring Depends!" - Comey, who has seemingly become this decade's most improbable hero after astutely recording every damning Drumpf conversation because he figured things would come to this, and an almost speechless Rachel Maddow has rightly declared, "Hyperbole is dead." It's going to be a bumpy trip. Don't forget to pack your resistance.




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