Hey We Know: Let's Bring Some Despots and War Criminals To the White House To Calm Everyone Down

Ghouls Inc. Photo by Getty Images
Irony Overload Warning: Facing a massive Comey backlash, the Trump circus got their best optics consultants in and decided the most cunning way to say "Not Like Nixon" and "Not About Russia" was to meet with doddering war criminal Henry Kissinger and two top Russian officials - Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Surgey Kislyak, the guy at the center of the FBI investigation into Michael Flynn and Pence ties. Oddly, only the Russian media was allowed - evidently under false pretenses - into the Russian meetings, duly reporting on their Embassy's Twitter feed that everything's cool and forget the "false news" of meddling. Also, Putin agreed in an interview, wearing full hockey gear, that it's all good. So yeah, sure, whatever.
Later, the White House press pool was called into the Oval Office for what they thought was a photo op with Lavrov; instead, they were met with the hollow shell of Nixonian hit man Henry Kissinger. Trump babbled a few words: He fired Comey because he was "not doing a good job," and he and ole Henry were talking about Russia and Syria, and "really really positive things happening - we're gonna stop the killing and the death"- for which task it seems weird to bring in a war criminal estimated to have caused up to four million deaths in grotesque imperial misadventures from Chile to Cambodia, no? The spectacle of those two gaseous figures huddled in the White House led some observers to ask, "Ok, now is it Watergate?" Mostly, the message of the sight, the day, the Comey debacle seems clear: "No journalist should believe anything the White House says."

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