Rising Up Together Against the Current Project For White Supremacy


Montage by the NYT

Amidst the gleeful ridiculing of Trump's 100 Days of gibberish and failure, a reminder he's achieved one vicious thing: the persistent terrifying, demonizing and persecution of immigrants in the name of what one analyst calls his "core political commitment (to) white nationalism." From assembling a ruling clan of often in-your-face racists - Bannon, we see you - to instilling fear in brown-skinned people from California to Maine through legally and morally questionable courtroom raids by fever-pitch ICE thugs, Trump has never wavered on his racist fervor to push out of what he views as his lily-white country those heathens who never had multi-million loans from their daddies.

On May 1, Rise Up, Movimento Cosecha, unions and other immigrant rights supporters will stage “A Day Without an Immigrant,” a national day of coordinated action to remind those in power that "America doesn't work without immigrants." "From those who cook the food we eat to those who build the businesses of the future, all are affected by the Trump Administration’s attack on immigrants," writes Rise Up. "We will speak up to let our elected officials know that any attack on immigrants or refugees is an attack on all of us." In their newest, chilling video, see how all of us - including kids on a soccer field - can likewise rise up together when the ICE man comes calling.

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