Our States Stay Woke

Our States Stay Woke

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Photo from Campaign Zero

While progressive attention is largely focused on the national calamities - immigration, travel ban, health care, climate change - daily inflicted by Trump et al, some Black Lives Matter activists are also urging resistance of that agenda at the state and local level, where the country's 32 GOP-led legislatures can do plenty of harm. Now the founders of Campaign Zero, a post-Ferguson organization working to reduce or end police violence and mass incarceration, have created an online tool to help fight back at home.

Our States offers an inter-active, state-by-state breakdown of dozens of pending bills on key issues, from immigration to voting rights to LGBTQ protections. Click on the map for details, say, on the 26 states considering legislation to ban sanctuary cities/campuses and the 15 states considering protection for immigrants; the 19 states considering restricting reproductive rights and the 7 states seeking to protect them; the 4 states that want to block minimum wage increases and the 29 states that support them. The tool can thus help people mobilize to block laws that could effectively enact Trump's agenda regardless of what happens in D.C. Argues Campaign Zero co-founder Deray Mckesson, "The stakes are high."

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