So Much Winning

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Meeting to discuss feline health care. By Justin Shane/Twitter

 Sweet, epic fail for the (who knew?) artless dealmaker and GOP cretins who spent 7 years and 60-plus votes braying they'd repeal Obamacare and then - despite owning both Houses of Congress and the White House - couldn't sell a sorry-ass plan that would hurt all the wrong people - tossing 24 million off the health care rolls, gutting Medicaid, defunding Planned Parenthood and, most notably, punishing women for being women. In their last, shiny, desperate gift to right-wingers, Ryan et al essentially rendered being female a pre-existing condition by proposing eliminating basic services like mammograms, maternity and newborn care, and screenings and other preventative care that helps keep us alive.
Odious snarks in recent days, never mind years of awful legislation, had made it clear how much the GOP cares about women's health (hint: NOT). We got Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) joking, "I sure don't want my mammogram benefits taken away!" when 40,000 women a year die of breast cancer, and Sean Spicer smirking we know older men don't need maternity care while failing to note that men play a part in pregnancy. It all led straight to Mike Pence's oblivious photo of the 30 old white men of the so-called Freedom Caucus deciding naaah women don't need basic care - and to the fact that Pence didn't seem to get that 30 old white men deciding these things isn't okay. Social media had a fine time - noting the photo's diverse tie colors and hairdos (partly bald to all bald) - but Pence probably didn't get  that, either.
Many others did. The outrage of the yuge 83% of Americans who opposed a grotesquely unfair and inept plan was expressed under hashtags like #KillTheBill and #RESISTANCE, with abundant mocking visuals, and with stories proposing bold innovations to make women's health care even better: They would consist of a figure in a robe "who follows you with a bell saying 'SHAME'...You cannot get a mammogram but you can get a doctor who will tell you if your boobs are 'too small' or 'too saggy'....All women’s care will not be covered on the grounds that it is icky, but men in doctor coats will rate women on a scale from 1 to 10...Maternity care will be covered from conception to the moment it is discovered the fetus is (female, when it) will be read a disapproving notice for wearing such a revealing outfit on the ultrasound."
Above all, the debacle that was the mercifully short-lived Trump "We Don't Really Give A Sh#t" Care offers a few potent lessons. One is that the GOP is incapable of governing. Another is that their sociopathic "leader" - no surprise here - is too; David Frum, a conservative for God's sake, reminds us that Trump's "core competency is not deal-making with powerful counter-parties. It is duping gullible victims." After the bill was withdrawn, the duper-in-chief was still at it, blathering that the vote was "very close" (aka lacking up to 50 votes), its failure was all the fault of Democrats and that pesky Kenyan, now he'll enjoy watching "Obamacare explode," and he "learned some things," like about "loyalty." Funny, many of us learned some things too: You can't unilaterally pass atrocious laws affecting millions of people without considering the impact on them, and it ain't over yet.

We will immediately repeal and replace ObamaCare - and nobody can do that like me. We will save $'s and have much better healthcare!


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Are we tired of winning yet?

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