Electing To Be Happy

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Today's technological perfect storm here at C.D. killed our piece about rowdy town halls in Texas once too often - though check it out here and here - so we're going with a different form of resistance: the solace offered by online wise guys cannily, gleefully, faithfully puncturing the bleak absurdity of the times. With the shadow of the Trumpocalypse daily looming, we salute the quick-witted heroes of Twitter, Reddit, Facebook et al for the daily meme-ing, goofing, photo-shopping and speech-bubbling that helps remind us this, too, shall pass.

Most recently, folks had fun with the catastrophic Angela Merkel press conference where little Donald seemed to be sulking in the incoherent corner. There was also the bizarre puff piece in the New York Times Style section about Donald Trump Jr. being "his own kind of Trump" (WTF?); it featured Slick posed excruciatingly awkwardly on a tree stump in shiny new hiking boots while trying to look manly and unbigoted in the wreckage of his father's non-environmental policies. The Trump on a stump spectacle prompted a flood of memes et al, from "Donald Trump Jr. murdered the giving tree" to "In nature, there are few sights as rare as the giant red douchebag tree" to "When the screams of the elephant babies you orphaned drown out your fantasy of eating a steak in front of a homeless veteran..."

 And a final thank you to filmmaker Sam Friedlander for his devoted medical research culminating in a fix for that deadly modern plague - TIAD, or Trump-Induced Anxiety Disorder. Impeachara, says the ad's soothing pharmaceutical voice, "works on your brain's neurotransmitters and optical receptors, convincing you that Donald Trump has already been impeached." "Talk to your doctor to see if Impeachara is right for you," she ends. "Also, do it fairly soon before you lose your health insurance."

Because you gotta laugh or cry, its slogan: "Elect To Be Happy."

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