Let 'Em Die

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Rant time. The obscenities and idiocies of Thursday's proposed budget are almost limitless. Egregious examples: Slashing Meals on Wheels, which feeds a half million veterans and many (often-Trump voting) elderly residents while allowing them to stay at home, when one $3,000,000 golf trip to Mar-a-lago would cover 419,000 meals and, by year's end at this rate, 20 million meals. Cutting an annual National Endowment for the Arts budget that will only cover Melania's security at Trump Tower for almost five months. Cutting National Historic Sites funding that will give her a couple more months, or PBS, which is only worth three weeks. Hiking the defense budget $54 billion for more war, which could fund conflict resolution work at the Institute of Peace for 1,543 years; their funding will instead be cut. Slicing funding for low-income housing that could cause a new epidemic of homelessness. And, in one more vote for death and destruction, slashing climate change and other environmental programs as "a waste of your money."

Daily Kos estimates the GOP will thus kill more Americans per year than have been killed by radical Islamic terror from 9/11 onward: "It is a budget that targets, with precision, poor, sick and elderly Americans and cuts help to them in ways seemingly designed to kill them more rapidly than the current budget allows." It adds to nearly 17,000 Americans who could die from the repeal of Obamacare in the next year alone, never mind cutting home heating assistance, medical research, environmental protections, anti-poverty programs, job training and food itself. "How far do you have to get down the scale of ideological depravity," they ask, "before your pen lands on Meals on Wheels as the thing you need to get rid of to buy those last two more Tomahawk cruise missiles?" This far: Hear Budget Director Mick Mulvaney explain that because feeding poor kids and old people isn't "showing any results," starving them is "about as compassionate as you can get." Q: Who are these people in power? A: Morons and monsters.

P.S. Guess where The Orangest Loser's going again this weekend? That makes 2.3 million meals.

P.P.S. Guess how clueless this administration is? In their daily ain't-Trump-swell newsletter the “Daily 1600," they just included a satirical piece in the WaPo praising the "hard power budget” - which is, the author helpfully notes, "the name of an exercise program where you eat only what you can catch, pump up your guns and then punch the impoverished in the face. This, conveniently, is also what the budget does."

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