Nevertheless She Persists

Nevertheless She Persists

The women have returned to work - and the organizers have been released from jail - but the spirit remains, as does the droll, defiant, audacious art that insists on truth-telling. The Women's March that keeps on marching has prompted a wave of guerrilla art, some claimed and some anonymous. It ranges from the gritty ads put up by Russian Socialists' in subways denouncing domestic violence in a country that condones it, to New York City plastered murals calling out Trump's outrageous misogyny by endlessly quoting his infamous pussy rant, to the artist likewise quoting him - because what else do you need, really? - against the backdrop of sexist ads from the 1950s.

There's also the bronze statue of a little girl that appeared earlier this week on Wall Street, Ground Zero of American capitalism. Fists on hips, hair blowing in the breeze, she faces off against the iconic Charging Bull and, presumably, his excesses. The work of artist Kristen Visbal, she turns out to be part of a gender equity campaign - ie a marketing ploy - by women working for two massive money movers, McCann New York and client State Street Global Advisors, hardly the stuff of revolution. Still, the response has been telling. While only permitted to remain a month, she has quickly become a potent image of resistance. On Wednesday, admirers flocked to her, girls replicating her fierce stance had their pictures taken, and a petition sprang up asking that she stay. The bull is the past, they say, and "she's the future."

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