Grotesque Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is

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Not made in America at Trump's new D.C. hotel. Photo by Daily Mirror/UK

The orange perpetual deception machine - caught in yet more yuge lies on Sessions, Russia and the well-documented many, many, as in 20-plus denials of communication - is again frantically spinning, disassembling and distracting. As news spread of the debacle that is an Attorney General lying through his teeth under oath about potentially traitorous acts, Trump offered triumphant tweets about the state of the stock market (which he had nothing to do with and the prospect of "JOBS!" Russia? What's Russia?

It's a timely reminder of the utter vacuity of his speech's much-touted "core principle" - cue teeny hand motions - of "Buy American! Hire American!" Which, it turns out, he hasn't ever done in a long, again ridiculously well-documented - look! labels in clothes! - history of making, selling, hawking and profiting from stuff. As a businessman, this meant that on closer inspection almost all his goods - wine, ties, suits, shirts, towels, lamps, T.V.s and everything else in his badly built, overpriced hotels - was made in low-wage China, Bangladesh, Thailand and, yes, Mexico.

As a so-called president, this means he lies about or misrepresents pretty much all things economic - and every other subject - from Dakota Access pipelines to 787 Dreamliners. Visiting Boeing's factory in North Charleston, S.C. last month to help unveil the latest, biggest version of the Dreamliner, Trump boasted it was “built right here,” vowed to protect U.S. jobs, threatened other companies going abroad with penalties, and proclaimed, "We want products made by our workers, in our factories, stamped with those four magnificent words: Made in the USA."

"All fantasy," snorted Robert Reich. He went on to note the Dreamliner is a sort of "United Nations of planes," a "flying symbol of an interconnected world economy" that's assembled in the U.S. but whose parts largely come from a slew of other countries - with, he adds, high taxes, living wages, strong unions, good schools and many regulations. Given Trump also clearly doesn't understand how the aircraft industry works, and that his policy proposals would in fact  threaten it, Reich declares his "America First" shtick "total demagoguery," or in the words of many other economists, "garbage." A nice compilation video from Deadspin reminds us: Don't believe a word this charlatan spouts.

From Austin L.'s Yelp review of Trump's garish, shoddy, $400-plus a night D.C. Hotel: “Probably the worst hotel experience of my life. The only redeeming trait were the constant protests outside.”

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