Calling Out Chaos, Cruelty, Incompetence, Unconstitutionality: Washington State Will Sue Trump

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Thousands protested illegality and inhumanity at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. On front, Seattle city councilwoman and activist Kshama Sawant raises a fist over the crowd.

The (Democratic, duh) political leaders of Washington State have become our new heroes - joining Justin Trudeau, the ACLU, and the rogue members of NASA, the EPA, the Park Service and, yes, the White House staff - by becoming the first state to challenge the legality of the Drumpfian Muslim ban. In the wake of massive protests at Seattle's airport, the city's mayor vowing they "will not be bullied," and Gov. Jay Inslee's fiery denouncement of the "train wreck" of "gross incompetence" and "manifest and unjustifiable cruelty" that is the order and the Administration that issued it, the state's Attorney General said he will sue Trump, members of his administration, and the Department of Homeland Security on the basis that key provisions in the order are unconstitutional. One of 14 state A.G.'s who over the weekend had declared the ban "un-American," Ferguson said the state is seeking a temporary restraining order on the ban; if successful, the suit would invalidate the executive order nationwide. "The rule of law applies to everyone - including President Trump," Ferguson declared at a news conference. "In a courtroom, it is not the loudest voice that prevails. It’s the Constitution.” 

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