They Will Not Win

They Will Not Win

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Twitter vs the Patriarchy. Facebook art by Danielle Siegelbaum-Shouting from UPRISE/ANGRY WOMEN art exhibit, The Untitled Space Gallery, New York

More tales of resistance, from the satirical - a proposed bill from female legislators banning the disposal of unused sperm in response to the very real sins of the patriarchy - to the substantial - efforts to impeach by civil rights groups Free Speech for People and Roots Action and legal challenges by the ACLU - to the profane - Dan Savage's re-invigorated Impeach the Motherfucker Already campaign, complete with caps and coffee mugs. In two days, people have donated $30,000 - to go to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the International Refugee Assistance Project - while offering comments from the mild, "I am starting to think that this Donald J. Trump fellow may not be as temperamentally suited for the presidency as he claimed to be," to the more concise, "Get this fucker out."

Finally, from the Revolution Messaging folks who brought us Bernie Sanders’ digital campaign comes White House Inc., a ingeniously annoying response to the unacceptable Trumpian shutdown of the White House comment line (202-456-1111) intended to connect the public to the (admittedly loathsome) powers that be. Boasting a new way to "reach the president and discuss the issues that matter most," they suggest ceaselessly calling Trump's "satellite White Houses" - aka his hotels and other businesses that he's not divesting from, even though it's illegal and unconstitutional. "Foreign leaders and Wall Street executives know that if they want to reach out to our President, they can just connect with his business associates," the campaign explains. "Now the American people have a direct line to Trump too.” "Tell them anything you want!" urges a helpful supporter. "But let’s mobilize!" Call now.

Washington DC (202)-695-1100
New York City (212) 299-1000
Chicago (312) 588-8000
Florida (305) 592-2000
Hawaii (808) 683-7777
Las Vegas (702) 982-0000
Virginia (434) 977-4001
Trump International (212) 247-7100

Courtesy: Laura Elizzabeth

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