Crawling Out of the Darkness, Standing In the Light

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A small slice of the million-plus in D.C. Getty Images

The marches were extraordinary: The million-plus peaceably, ardently, giddily packed into D.C. were in fact too many to march, so we stood, shuffled, chanted, chatted, inched forward in a sea of hope and righteous rage and improbable pink pussy hats, the city smilingly festooned in pink everywhere you looked. Despite the crowds, there were no arrests, no ill will, no bad faith, not even a cranky mutter or shove when the occasional baby stroller or lost compatriot needed to get through. The same mellifluous spirit reigned at multiple marches across the country from Mississippi to Fairbanks, Alaska - in a minus 16 degree whiteout - and around the world, from Budapest to Nairobi to Dublin to Iraq. And the gleeful, brilliant signs - Free Melania, Resistance Is Fertile, This Pussy Grabs Back, We Shall Overcomb, There Is So Much Wrong It Cannot Fit On This Sign, The Resistance Will Be Yuge, There Will Be Hell Toupée, I'm Quite Unhappy, HARDLY ANYONE MARCHED. FAILURE. SAD - reflected the joy back to us.

Saturday's marches, it was universally agreed, marked a beginning of a long determined fight. D.C.'s organizers plan to hold ten actions in the next crucial 100 days, and vow to keep up the pressure to be heard, on many fronts and in many ways. True to that promise, 50 women from Texas and Mexico gathered on Inauguration Day in a powerful show of cross-border harmony: Holding hands and standing back-to-back on the bridge connecting El Paso and Juárez, they wove their hair together in a braid of solidarity against Trump's divisiveness. Arguing the bridge already serves as a "wall (that) slices through our humanity," the organizers of the action, Boundless Across Borders, argue "no act is too small" to fight the dark days upon us. “This was a nice way to crawl out of that darkness and stand in the light," says  Xochitl Nicholson. "We were standing together on the bridge as the sun rose, and there’s nothing that can send a clearer message. No words, no act is stronger than coming together.”

Trump's days as president will be days of "resistance on the ground, resistance in the classrooms, resistance on the job." - Angela Davis at the march in D.C.

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Weaving women together between Mexico and Texas. Photo by Sasha von Oldershausen.

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Eleanor Roosevelt approves. Photo by Katherine Weber

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Women come together in D.C. in an impromptu choir for the I Can't Keep Quiet anthem

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