Whoah Say What?!? Betsy DeVos Diligently Loves Congress and States' Rights and Potential Grizzlies But Schools - Not So Much (Also, Actually, Not Crazy About Kids With Disabilities)

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Man, watching the crumbling of the republic is gonna be tough. Tuesday's accelerated confirmation "hearing" - ie a strictly allotted five-minute evening questioning so nobody could find out just what a debacle it represents for our democracy - on super-rich right-wing zealot Betsy DeVos to head the Department of Education even though she hates it, knows nothing about it, and has spent her uber-privileged life working against it was unreal, aka "low, insulting burlesque and a revolting dumbshow of the arrogance of monied ignorance." The  deep-pocketed, God-and-conversion-therapy-loving lobbyist, best known for helping destroy Michigan's public education system and once conceding, "We are buying influence and we do expect something in return" kept a bizarre Stepford smile plastered on her face while hedging and dodging and repeatedly failing to answer questions about fraud, student debt, disability rights and fundamental educational philosophy from a host of Democratic notables who actually know their stuff.

Because you probably, understandably don't have the will or iron stomach to watch it all, some highlights: Bernie does his forthright thing by asking if she'd be there if not for giving the Repubs $200 million. Al Franken raises his disbelieving eyebrows while hammering her for not knowing the difference between the debated-for-decades educational standards of "proficiency" vs "growth." Elizabeth Warren quickly tires of her vaguely saying sure she's against Trump-University-style waste, fraud and abuse and you can bet she'll be vigilant about working with Congress to make sure it doesn't happen and blah blah diligent blah, to which an exasperated Warren who's heard it all before snaps, "Yeah, I'm asking how." Tim Kaine and Maggie Hassan both get her to reveal she knows nothing about existing federal laws protecting the rights of kids with disabilities but what the hey she'll just let states decide if they get wheelchair ramps. And when Chris Murphy - Senator of the state that endured Sandy Hook - asks about guns in schools, she again hems and haws about states' rights before allowing as how maybe some schools need guns to protect against "potential grizzlies." Yes. Grizzlies. This would all be wildly entertaining if our kids didn't ultimately have to pay for it. But they will.

Bernie for President:

Warren for President:

Franken for President:


Ok we'll even take Kaine or Hassan, anyone but DeVos mindlessly repeating four fucking times she supports accountability.

And Guns For Grizzlies!

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