Surreally Unpresidented

Surreally Unpresidented

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Danuta Danielsson, a Polish-Jewish woman whose mother was in a World War Two concentration camp, during a Neo-Nazi march in Växjö, Sweden in April 1985. Photo by Hans Runesson. Voted Picture of the Century by Photographic Historical Society of Sweden. Posted on Facebook with caption, "Be the woman hitting a Nazi with a handbag you wish to see in the world."

Much to our soul-sick, bone-deep, God-forsaken sorrow, the electoral college did it - on almost the darkest day of the year, yet. Given the state of the nation - never mind Aleppo, Brexit, Russia, the loss of Bowie, Prince, Cohen, who unimaginably claimed to want it even darker  - little wonder that the illustrious Webster-Merriam Dictionary just announced its word of the year is "surreal," in honor of an election that upgraded 2016 "from being a bad dream to full-on waking nightmare." Right behind it came "fascist," followed by "bigly" and "deplorable." Yes, to all of them.

After the electoral cave and right on cue, our "leader" proclaimed his victory "a landslide." Please, someone send him a dictionary. For that lie and the countless others and virtually everything he has ever done in his sorry, tawdry life, The Guardian declared their own word of the year: "unpresidented." As in, "Feeling of loss when a president who has neither the temperament nor the knowledge to actually be president is elected president, causing one to wonder who will actually be running the country and triggering feelings of malaise and dread." What's left to say? We have been, if not quite here before, close: Think Nixon, Bush, Bush. Resist with Daily Action Alerts. And remember: There are more of us than them.

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