O Canada: A Cabinet That Looks Like Its Country vs. One That Looks, Acts and Reeks Like A Swamp

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Normal: Trudeau's Cabinet

The surreal ooze of the Trump "Cabinet" - that pay-to-play gang of clueless, racist, oil-soaked, arse-kissing swamp creatures who've spent their lives doing dubious work often actively or passively contrary to their shiny new jobs - keeps spreading. Like much that's come before, two new additions defy belief. The choice of Exxon Mobil petrogarch, Putin pal and climate change denier Rex Tillerson - Motto: Take the oil, kill the planet - as Secretary of State has been dubbed something from a "dystopian movie script." Never mind he knows nothing of foreign policy unrelated to plundering oil; he would join what critics charge is the most anti-environmental Cabinet ever, a government "of, by, and for the oil and gas industry."

Meanwhile, Rick "Wait-what-was-the-name-of-the-other-department-I want-to-destroy?" Perry has been tapped to run the Department of Energy because the fossil fuels industry doesn't already have enough friends in D.C. The Department's tasks include overseeing  "the integrity and safety of the nation’s nuclear weapons, advancing nuclear nonproliferation and promoting international nuclear safety," which might be why the last four of five such heads were renowned and/or Nobel Prize-winning scientists. Perry's last job, in contrast, was as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. At this rate , the suggestion that Walter White head the DEA sounds about right.

For a bit of perspective to remind us, as is needed, that this is freakishly Not Normal, we need look only to our far saner northern neighbor, where around this time last year Canada's new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chose a thoughtful, competent, diverse Cabinet: His goal, he said, was to create "a Cabinet that looks like Canada." It thus includes two Aboriginal politicians, two people with disabilities, three Sikhs, an Afghan refugee who is the first Muslim minister, and an equal number of men and women - because "this is 2015," Trudeau explained, a gender equity that Trump has already trashed. The Minister of Health is a doctor. The Minister of Defense is a (Sikh) veteran. The Minister of Science is a scientist. In recognition of reality, there is a new Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees, and Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

Compared to Canada's grown-ups, Trump's sycophants and lunatics and gazillionaires, a "Monsters' Ball" of ineptitude, terrify. So does the fact that he's blithely skipped intelligence briefings - I'm smart! Busy times! - and brazenly cancelled his only scheduled press conference since the election, at which he was supposed to address his massive conflicts of interest. He did, however, find time to meet Tuesday with Kanye West, no doubt to discuss West's appointment as Crown Prince. Though the Republic is burning, the press ate it up. We repeat: This is not normal. Media, do your damn job. People, "refuse to disappear," and stay woke.

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Not Normal: Our next Secretary of Energy

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