We Are Not Alone

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Ye who enter here unto the coming Trumpocalypse, take heart: Resistance is everywhere. It's painted on the bodies of women in the photography project SignedByTrump by an Oregon college student protesting the grotesque things the pretender to the throne says about half the human race. She says the photos of semi-nude bodies scrawled with infamous quotes like "Blood coming out of her wherever" and "You have to treat them like shit" have been deleted from Instagram and Facebook but have gone viral on Tumblr, where she hopes they will "help people realize who Donald Trump really is."

And it's written on the subway walls - hat tip to Simon and Garfunkel - in New York's Union Station Subway Therapy Project, where thousands have expressed their rage, fear, strength and hope in a massive tableau of post-it notes, one of the city's most visible such public acts of mourning and protest. Its creator, an artist and self-described Honorary PhB - professional human being - says he daily watches people weep, laugh, pose, write and emerge stronger by seeing their community stand together. "Do not just be upset," he advises. "Do not just be fearful....Be good to one another." In their small way, the post-its offer the chance to do just that, serving as grace notes in a dark time. "Have a voice," they say, and "Your hijab is beautiful," and "This wall gives me hope," and "Resist Every Day."

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