Sad! Moron/Racist/Liar/Pervert/Sociopath of the Year

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Seems some folks on social media are kinda peeved that TIME's Person of the Year - questionably defined as having "the greatest influence for better or worse on the events of the year" - is orange clown, rampaging toddler, textbook narcissisist and black hole of need Donald Trump, presumably because a. he used up so much of our public air and precious time horrifying us over and over again and b. every president-elect is. The dubious honor comes after the pathologically publicity-hungry drumpster spent years pathetically preening when he won each new nod of recognition and sulking when he didn't get this one; last year, because he will forever be a bratty eight-year-old, he whined that it went to "the person ruining Germany."

On Twitter, over 40,000 people noted that with this year's triumph of the will and hate he thus joins the illustrious ranks of Hitler, Putin, Khomeini and the twice-named Stalin and Nixon. Others wondered if TIME was trolling Trump with a pose that eerily resembled that of Hitler in 1938; it also revealed the shabbiness of his chair and precisely aligned with a giant "M" that created horns on his head.  Many others  offered explanations - Nostradamus was voting, they couldn't get the Grim Reaper to sit still - objections - wait, doesn't it have to be a person? - ironies - "In 2014 they gave (it) to Ebola fighters and in 2016 they gave it to the plague" - and alternatives. Many suggested all of us should get the title because we're honored with the task of defeating him. We'd go with that, or this kid, nominated by his proud dad as TIME's "Real Person of the Year."

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