Nasty Women Get Sh*t Done

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Credit Where Credit's Due Dept: Trump may have made an incoherent mockery of American democratic tradition at the final debate by declaring the election only counts if he wins, as well as offering a slew of WTF responses to foreign policy questions - see the hilarious #DonaldTrumpBookReport! - but he also helpfully concocted this Halloween's sure-to-be-hottest costume combo: Nasty Woman and Bad Hombre. Above all, he fearlessly if obliviously mobilized already righteously enraged women, and many others as is his wont, with his wildly uninformed rant on abortion and his sinister, now-infamous, ill-fated "nasty woman" crack.

Before you could say, "Wow what a misogynistic moron," social media exploded with Nasty Women memes, t-shirts, fragrance, tributes to Janet Jackson, profiles - "Nasty Woman seeks Bad Hombre to share long walks on the beach, leisurely afternoons reading, and trading off who is the real puppet" - and pithy quotes like Rep. Jim Himes' "Women who disagree with you aren't 'nasty.' In this case, they are what is known as 'right.'" Above all, he inspired a flood of fervent vows - "Nasty women vote...Let's get this thing done...We are all nasty women tonight" - and, you gotta give it to them, one genius website

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