Trolling Trump With Taco Trucks

Trolling Trump With Taco Trucks

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Getting ready. Photo by Pili Tobar

Today sees at least one dystrumpian fantasy come to gleeful life: A wall - built by Mexicans! - of taco trucks will surround Trump's Las Vegas hotel to protest his refusal to bargain with newly unionized employees there. The Wall of Tacos was organized by Culinary Workers Union Local 226, a union of about 60,000 hospitality workers in Nevada. Last December, employees of the Trump hotel voted to unionize and joined the union, whose members are predominantly immigrant and mostly Latino; since then, they have held multiple rallies while Trump (illegally) continues to stonewall bargaining with them. After a rally - free tacos for all! - the trucks will move to the scene of the crime/debate tonight. Their rallying cry: Immigrants will be watching and voting, and "Bad bosses make bad presidents."

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