That Mexican Thing Again, Also That Perpetually Lying Thing

That Mexican Thing Again, Also That Perpetually Lying Thing

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From Twitter: is when your dad works super hard as a dish washer to put you through . .”

If, like us, you lacked the fortitude to watch the V.P. debate, this happened: Two garden-variety white guys, one slightly worse than the other, had at it a while. Pence went deep into gonzo denial mode, charging he was being insulted when confronted with all the reprehensible words and actions of his sociopath, insisting he was "happy to defend" them, ceaselessly denying, sidestepping or lying about them - analysis shows he told the truth a paltry 31% of the time - and in general, notes one observer, "defending a Trump that doesn’t exist." Kaine frequently badgered and interrupted him, which some people evidently liked and some didn't.

Social media pretty much decided the high/low point of the evening came when Kaine reminded Pence once again of the Orange One's most famous racist line, long ago before all the other ones, about how all Mexicans coming to this country are rapists and murderers except maybe possibly two or three. Pence's querulous response: "Senator, you whipped out that Mexican thing again."

Oh man. His bad. Insulting, derogatory, offensive on so many levels he will never get, but which the ensuing Twitter storm obligingly, furiously pointed out: " is my great-grandmother raising five kids alone after her husband died working in a mine  cave-in.. has payed more taxes than Trump has in the last 16 years...

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