Collins Dumps Trump, and About Time

Collins Dumps Trump, and About Time

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Collins will likely get the same treatment from Little Donny as a non-endorsing Cruz at the RNC convention. Getty photo.

Maine's four-term Sen. Susan Collins, one of the last of a dying breed of moderate, occasionally coherent Republicans , has finally summoned the strength of character to announce she will not support Trump in the election, thus becoming one of the most high-profile GOP members to abandon their lunatic flag-bearer. After months of waffling and cautious criticism of Trump's more outrageous stands, Collins announced her decision in a Washington Post op-ed, listing several excellent examples of Trump's "unsuitability for office" - even at a Burger King. Those include his "lack of self-restraint," "barrage of ill-informed comments," and "disregard for the precept of treating others with respect, an idea that should transcend politics." She adds, "Donald Trump does not reflect historical Republican values nor the inclusive approach to governing that is critical to healing the divisions in our country." You think? As Maine goes, so goes, hopefully, the nation.

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