What Kind of Democracy Is That

What Kind of Democracy Is That

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We're out of words. Two more black men - Alton Sterling, Philando Castile - murdered by police. Two more sorrowful hashtags, two more ghastly videos, two more sets of grievous families, two more cities outraged and marching and many more in spirit, two more barrages of tragic parallel stories: They were good guys, they had kids, they were doing nothing wrong but being black, their awful deaths prove, one more awful time, that whiteness is blindness, and cops are America's terrorists, and black people are tired and hurting - but, alone amidst a well-armed population, are not allowed to have guns. The system is broken, hateful, sick. Peter Gabriel's Biko: "The outside world is black and white/But only one color dead." It is the task of white people to speak, as inadequate as it feels. Still, we have all been here so long. It's so long that Malcom X spoke of it 55 years ago, and he's still right. We're out of words. Here are his.

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