Shame: Congress Votes For More Thoughts and Prayers and Killings

Shame: Congress Votes For More Thoughts and Prayers and Killings

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Really, America? Astoundingly, the spineless, scum-sucking, NRA-bought Republicans in the Senate again rejected four proposed gun control bills - two sensible substantive ones by the Democrats, two half-assed ones by the GOP - universally supported by the public. Thus one more time did these so-called public servants, days after the carnage in Orlando, valiantly stand up for the principle of doing nothing to staunch our daily mindless slaughters - like the unfathomable 500 post-Orlando shootings - in order not to jeopardize their vile cash flow from an NRA where blood equals profit and there's nothing else to talk about.

Gun control advocates - aka sentient human beings - vow to keep fighting. Those still able to find some dark humor in the insanity of America have created Thoughts and Prayers, a new online game wherein a player tries to stop each new massacre at each new site by pressing T for "Think" or P for "Pray" - when the blood inexplicably keeps flowing, it urges, "Pray Harder!" - or, if you have a brain, B for "Ban Assault Weapons." Those who are past making jokes can see which 56 GOP Senators got the NRA's $36 million - or which nine cretins got the most - and vote the fuckers out.

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