Moments of Silence As Abomination

Moments of Silence As Abomination

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Soho: More of us than them

One more horrific time. Again, the victims are named, the vigils are held, the gun stocks go up, the empty speeches are made by hate-mongering lawmakers who as surely as a blood-soaked NRA - now strangely quiet - helped make it possible. To be sure, there are moments of grace: Voices have risen to vow we shall overcome, advocates have challenged legislators - AGAIN - to , strangers have raised over two million dollars for the Pulse Victims' Fund, hundreds have lined up to give blood - though the brothers and sisters of those slain are ironically banned - as evidence, notes John Oliver, "that terrorist dipshit is vastly outnumbered," and fervent eloquent calls abound to practise love rather than hate, not stop the music, ban assault weapons, and continue demanding of our so-called leaders, How many more?

All good, all not enough, says one furious Democratic lawmaker who has called out our helpless, hollow, soothing, now grimly familiar rituals by saying he plans to walk out of the latest "smug" metaphor of our inaction on gun control, a moment of silence in the House scheduled for Monday evening. Amidst the flood of thoughts and prayers right after Orlando's bloodbath, Connecticut's Rep. Jim Himes tweeted, "I will not  attend one more "Moment of Silence" on the Floor. Our silence does not honor the victims, it mocks them." Charging that those moments of silence have become "an abomination" masking the criminal inaction of those who are supposed to be representing us, he continued, "God will ask you, 'How did you keep my children safe?' Silence." Or in the words of one Tweet to the GOP call for said bogus moment, "Y'all BEEN silent."

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