First GOP Rats Are Starting To Jump Sinking Toxic Trump Ship

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With the Drumpf reality show getting ever more deranged, moronic and in-your-face racist - moving from trashing a judge whose parents happen to be Mexican to a possibly Muslim or female one - the GOP is tap-dancing as fast as it can to simultaneously deplore and support their candidate, haplessly arguing that while their candidate may be a racist dick, he's their racist dick. As Republicans realize their guy is going to stay the same thin-skinned, babbling, narcissistic, vindictive jerk with the impulse control of a four-year-old, it's surreal to hear them trying to toe the impossible line between ditching their party and selling their soul. Hence, their blizzard of double-speak: His attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel are "textbook racism," "offensive and wrong," "un-American"; then again, "I don't know all the facts," "I think we're all sort of used to remarks being made that we don't expect," it's "a more dimensional issue," "I'm not going to comment about everything he says and doesn't say (or) we'd never get anything done," and from Maine's own Susan Collins, "I continue to hope that Mr. Trump will rethink his position...I continue to believe in redemption.” Yeah, good luck with that.

Still, there are hints the ugly Drumpf candidacy has gone as low as it can go, with South Carolina's Lindsey Graham - who never endorsed him - suggesting, “If anybody was looking for an off-ramp, this is probably it." To date, two members of the formerly Grand Ole Party have taken it. Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk, facing a tough battle against Tammy Duckworth, has become the first GOP'er to take back his previous endorsement, declaring in perhaps the understatement of the decade that Trump "has not demonstrated the temperament necessary" to be president, or for that matter a Wal-Mart greeter. And in Iowa, State Sen. David Johnson, who has served 18 years in the Iowa Legislature, became the first elected official to leave the GOP over what he called Trump's "racist remarks and judicial jihad." Urging GOP leaders to withdraw support from their lunatic candidate, Johnson summoned the specter of Hitler - "the fascists took control of Germany under the same types of strategies," pledged, "I will not stand silent if the party of Lincoln and the end of slavery buckles under the racial bias of a bigot," and said he was changing his registration to "No Party." At this rate, he may have a lot of company there.

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