As Patriotic As Ever

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Lesleigh Coyer of Saginaw, Michigan lies in front of the grave of her brother Ryan Coyer, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, at Arlington National Cemetery. Photo by Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Monday marks the 15th Memorial Day since "the dawning of the same damnmovie (playing) in America since 2001, that revenge-and-war-porn blockbuster," from Iraq to Yemen to Syria, known as the Era of Endless War. Rather than waving flags, a insightful look at the "unhinged fantasizing" that has led to it, in which old rich men (who) "never experienced war - who in their youth ran as fast from it as they could - send young men and women - most of them middle- and working-class – across oceans to fight wars based on half-facts, cooked intelligence, and magical thinking on the grand geopolitical scale." Maybe they get away with it, many suggest, because "we the people who keep voting them into office don’t know anything about war ourselves. We know the fantasy version, the movie version, but only that 1% of the nation - and their families - who have fought the wars truly know the hardship involved. For the rest of us, no sacrifice has been called for: none."

Of course, primary among those mindlessly calling for carnage he has never seen is Drumpf, "the bog monster of the American id, rising out of the masturbatory muck of our military fantasies in which the manly man slays his enemies." In a claim that would be laughable if it weren't so terrifying, he says he "will be so good at the military, your head will spin.” It already is. Perhaps he should read Ambrose Bierce on finding the grotesque bodies of the dead during the Civil War: "How repulsive they looked with their blood-smears, their blank, staring eyes, their teeth uncovered by contraction of the lips! The frost had begun already to whiten their deranged clothing. We were as patriotic as ever, but we did not wish to be that way."

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