Grand Old Potty: Taking Bathroom Panic To Its Lunatic Conclusion

Finally, many commentators have noted that while virtually no transgender people have been found to have committed sex crimes in public bathrooms, at least three conservative GOP lawmakers - Former Senator Larry Craig, Former Florida Representative Bob Allen, and Former Senator Jon Hinson - and, depending on your source, possibly many more have been found guilty of the same offense. Entirely logically, then, one Jeremy Belanger has started a petition urging that we protect ourselves and our children by making GOP pols, invariably masquerading as "people who are morally just," use separate bathrooms. The new law would forbid them from joining the rest of us in our private business, set up "Grand Old Potty" spaces for them, and eliminate any stalls or dividers "so they can continue to monitor the bathroom activities they're so interested in." Toilet paper optional.


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