Are You Kidding Me? Awful Ted Cruz Whines, Fierce Elizabeth Warren Rips Him A Well-Deserved New One

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To lift your post-New York spirits, a beautiful thing to behold: The ever-straight-talking Elizabeth Warren, still fiercely fighting the good fight to hold big banks accountable, got her hands on a fundraising letter from Ted Cruz wherein the original "whiny whiny little man" moaned about the "significant sacrifices" he's made running for president and getting to the point where he's "on the verge of capturing the Republican nomination" by, obviously "the grace of God," also lots of money from gullible right-wingers who don't believe in moving forward in life.

Highlighting his inexperience and detachment from reality - he made it into the Senate only through sketchily gaming an electoral snafu and his dismal attendance record ranks him 97 out of 100 - Little Ted goes on to moan about the hardships of fighting "for the future of our country." Thus, the "constant attacks" from the "Washington cartel," the "non-existent" time with family, the "limited" health and sleep and, most pathetically, how "there is almost no personal time when you run for President." Of course, once elected, he'll have long leisurely strolls on the golf course and endless sessions talking to Jesus about all the stuff they have in common and generous vacation time while his pin-head colleagues back home are methodically doing the work of God by cutting benefits and opportunities to working people....But we digress.

Warren's response to his breathlessly tone-deaf entitlement: Boo friggin' hoo. In a series of furious tweets and on Facebook, she proceeds to drop a well-placed mic, or perhaps a piano, on his oblivious head, noting that, umm, maybe he should try working for a living  and see how that goes. "Are you kidding me?" she asks. "We’re supposed to pity him because trying to be the leader of the free world is hard?! Know whose health is limited? Workers with no paid leave who can't stay at home when they fall ill or have to care for sick kids. Know whose sleep is limited? Working parents who do everything they can to save money but stay up at night worrying about how do get their kids through college without getting crushed by debt. Know who gets no personal time? People who work two minimum wage jobs to support their families. Know who gets no family time? Moms with unfair schedules who drop their kids off at daycare and drive halfway across town only to find their work hours have been cancelled. "

Warren also wisely rips Cruz and his cronies for opposing paid family and medical leave - they call it "free stuff" - voting against refinancing student loans, raising the minimum wage, and otherwise making it even minimally easy for working people to get the personal time he's griping about missing. Oh yeah, and they're - especially immigrants, Muslims, LGBT folks and women - likewise facing "constant attacks," from him. At the end, a nice whammo touch: "They don't throw tantrums or try to shut down their workplace because they don't get their way - and then turn around and demand promotions." Short version of this fine message to Whiny from our most righteous badass: Please shut up and go away.

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