Trump Campaign Hit By Sudden Outbreak of Accountability

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Better Late Than Never Dept: The arrest of Corey Lewandowski, Drumpf's chief henchman/aka campaign manager for battery assault on a Breitbart reporter, is the latest, splashiest sign that Drumpf may at long last be getting called on the mountain of bullshit he's left strewn on the campaign trail. The debacle with Lewandowski, who has a long sketchy history of bullying, sexual harrasment and excess, unfolded pretty much the way every Drumpf-inspired controversy does: A violent encounter; name-calling, victim-blaming, insults and denial by the perpetrator, who in this case called the reporter "delusional," backed up by disparagement from the bullier-in-chief; and finally video evidence they're lying through their teeth. After that, usually, silence (thank you, America's short attention span) except for Drumpf's ceaseless loathsome drivel in defense of said perpetrator, who has "a wonderful family" and how can try to wreck his life?
This time, though, was different. For once, law enforcement followed through, charging Lewandowski with misdemeanor assault and prompting more braying blather from Drumpf about how his guy is "a very decent man" and the reporter just "made up" the story. (The almost comically vicious responses to the arrest from Drumpfettes - "Another feminist liar...We are now Russia...Wake up men and fight back!" - show his ongoing, unnerving sway.) Still, the Lewandowski debacle is the newest in a growing list of challenges to The Donald's until-now-inexplicably smooth rise to the top of the polls. Suddenly, some press are doing their job, former supporters are shamefacedly coming forward with horror stories, and appalled folks are standing up to say, in effect, Holy crap, this must stop.
Forthwith, a compendium. Both the New York Times and Washington Post just released eye-popping transcripts of interviews in which they actually interrupted his stream of gibberish - China! NATO! Wall! Winning! - to show there's no there there, or as the Times put it, to reveal his "his shockingly ignorant...dangerous babble." (Suggested Drumpf Tweet in response: "Loser reporters ask questions, expect answers. How sad!") Also making the rounds is an interview with a conservative talk-radio host who likewise dared to ask real questions, demand real answers that alas were not forthcoming, and suggest Donald sounds like "a 12-year-old bully on the playground." Another duh. In more public put-downs, Drumpf's former chief PR strategist just wrote a blistering open letter sorrowfully advising his fans that, contrary to the promises of his shtick, he is not representing them but only himself: "He is not your voice. He is only Trump's voice."
There have also been powerful, creative, insistent protests and writings about the dangers posed here. A gleeful New York march presented Trump as a pile of poop while residents cheered; a Florida reporter threatened and kicked out of a rally asked, "Is this really America?"; a TV commentator charged Trump is just spitting back years of talk radio vitriol the rest of us never called out; jokester protesters got serious about what they were seeing; Chicago protesters shut down a Trump rally - from one: "If more Germans in the 1920s had done what Chicagoans did last night, my grandmother might have died of old age instead of Zyklon B." - and confronted the Heil-Hitler-saluters they saw there: "Hate is real my friends...Hope is real too"; and over a million people, the most ever, shared a passionate Facebook post by Humans of New York's Brandon Stanton declaring, "I've come to realize that opposing (Trump) is no longer a political decision. It is a moral one." His post prompted some classic Drumpf parodies - "Humans of New York? Every day people call me to tell me they think I'm the best human of New York. I'm not going to say who, but it's big names." - but the laughter, by now, is pretty bittersweet.
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