Drumpf Speaks. God Help Us.

Drumpf Speaks. God Help Us.

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WaPo Editorial Board trying to keep straight faces after meeting with Drumpf. WaPo photo.

Turns out it can always get worse, though in an admittedly mezmerizing sort of way. After the Washington Post Editorial Board met with Drumpf, they released, straight-faced, a transcript of the hour-long meeting. You may have thought it was surreal listening to The Donald speak, but there's nothing - except perhaps that famously replayed loop of the second plane churning into the Twin Towers - like seeing his mangled words in print. Given the blistering non-endorsement that followed, the WaPo honchos presumably knew just what they were doing by publishing, as is, the stupefyingly WTF mix of words - airports, China, ISIS, winning, bridges, me me me me. This is a small, sick, mean, racist, hand-and-penis-obsessed, twistedly narcissistic, and deeply insecure person. This is a moron. Oh, America.

I went to a great school,” he said. “I was a good student and all. I am an intelligent person. My uncle, I would say my uncle was one of the brilliant people. He was at MIT for 35 years. As a great scientist and engineer, actually more than anything else. Dr. John Trump, a great guy. I’m an intelligent person.” 

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