Muslims Become Latest Seemingly Confounding Glitch In the Media's "Unelectable, Can't Raise Money, Won't Win Anything But Vermont" Mantra

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Note to the mainstream media: Yo, listen up. Bernie's stunning win in Michigan didn't just reveal that the royal pundits and pollsters - who had him trailing Clinton by 20 points - have no clothes. It put to the lie the whole, skewed, patronizing, fear-mongering narrative by a press that has relentlessly dismissed his egalitarian stands as "a left-wing version of a hoary political fantasy" of “half-baked plans and populist slogans." The media's hostility, condescension and determination to make him disappear extends from America's once-upon-a-time grey ladies of print - The Washington Post, which just ran a jaw-dropping 16 negative stories in 16 hours about Bernie, and the New York Times, which oddly ran a photo of him celebrating in Michigan right below a story about ISIS and mustard gas - to so-called liberal publications still insisting on the inevitability of Clinton's coronation. To writer Chris Hedges, the media travesty mirrors the "pathology" of a liberal class long intent on the "disposal of its most independent and courageous members" - ie those who threaten the corporate supremacy that rules it.

The latest surprise to all these "experts" was the overwhelming support for Bernie of Michigan's and especially Dearborn's many Muslims, who voted roughly 70 to 30 for the Jewish Socialist guy - a result commentators called "fascinating" and "the stat of the night." With so many uncomprehending WHOAS here, where to begin? With the assumption that Muslims are as racist as their haters and much of the press? With the utter lack of recognition that Bernie's message of greater economic equality would resonate for huge numbers of working class and middle class voters in the cradle of the labor movement? Or that Muslims would support his vote against the war in Iraq, his foreign policy stands against intervention in Syria and other parts of the Middle East, his even-handed approach to the Israel/Palestine conflict compared to Clinton's appalling calls to "undermine" the BDS movement, his call for an end to bigotry, and his decades-long commitment to civil rights and the admirable notion that "America is not just for white people." Yeah, we can't figure out why Muslims or any other right-thinking Americans would vote for him, either. Nor can this guy.


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