Jeb!'s Clueless, Pandering Portrait Of The American Nightmare

Jeb!'s Clueless, Pandering Portrait Of The American Nightmare

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Another Tweeted version of "America"

Oh God. Poor addled weak-kneed Jeb (!) has gotten so desperate for attention among all the ranting GOP bullies and bigmouths he's not only turned to his murderous brother for help - Resolve! Strength! Humility! Heart! Faith! - to beg more than 1% of South Carolinians to vote for him. He's also declared himself the bulliest and bigmouthiest of all by proudly Tweeting his new Jeb!-inscribed gun with the title "America," thus proclaiming that the essence of our blessed, bigoted, blood-soaked nation of 'Murica - home to roughly 88 gun deaths a day and soaring numbers of violent hate groups - is, finally, a gun with your name on it.

How is this grotesque? Let us count the ways. By trying to appeal to the same rage, hate, incivility and lunacy driving the rest of the bombastic passengers in the GOP clown car, Jeb! - a pathetic but conventional political figure - has utterly given in to the honcho insanity swirling around him. He's unapologetically announced that America is and will remain the "land of the gun...a fortress full of trigger-happy civil warriors." He's made a key blunder: It turns out  the South Carolina gun company whose gift he was celebrating is, in fact, a subsidiary of a Belgian company. He's become the reluctant star of social media, which has responded with a WTF barrage of mockery of his puny bravado here, here and  here, including suggested alternatives to the engraved Gov. Jeb Bush - "Please Clap," "Fixed 2000 Election For My Brother" - for his ridiculous gun. And he's revealed a sad, sick vision of America on the wrong side of history. Here's a better one.

More "Americas"

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Also "The Netherlands"

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And "Australia"

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