People Are Dying, This Is Real: Erica Garner Endorses Bernie

People Are Dying, This Is Real: Erica Garner Endorses Bernie

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Erica Garner - activist, mother, writer and Eric Garner's eldest daughter - has endorsed Bernie Sanders in a poignant new video that declares Sanders "someone who understands our deaths as tragedies - not political talking points." Citing her father's death as "an absolute injustice, but not an uncommon one," Garner describes her young daughter learning and talking about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, and her felt need to remind her that the injustices they fought are "not over." Garner describes Sanders as "a protester" who’s "learning from us, working with us and respecting the power of we, the people, over the established political machine." Arguing that "black lives like my father's should matter," Garner also wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post endorsing Sanders, thus joining a growing number of black intellectual and political figures who are supporting him. "There's no other person that is speaking about this," she says. "People are dying. This is real." Bernie also just released a terrific new ad proclaiming, "Our job is to bring people together." See below.


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