Rich White Guys Behaving (Particularly) Badly

Rich White Guys Behaving (Particularly) Badly

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Protesters last year, AP photo

A close race these days in the Douchebaggery Sweepstakes. We have Marco Rubio bewilderingly blasting Obama's mosque visit in the name of tolerance as pitting people against each other," followed by fellow-traveller The Donald unslyly suggesting a guy with the middle name of Hussein is probably just "more comfortable" in a mosque. We have Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder witlessly offering a 30% discount to Flint residents on their poison water. And we have Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli, having already handily earned the moniker of Most Hated Man in America, doubling down on his rep by smirking, mugging, sneering and sniggering his way through his non-testimony before Congress on his industry's unconscionable greed, for which he is one dickishly outstanding model. Tough call. After Shkreli's astounding performance, his lawyer tried to make the case that while his client seems to be an arrogant asshole, he "did not mean any disrespect” and is in fact "a hero." (It's not clear why, though it's hard to refute Shkreli's tweeted disbelief a bit later that "these imbeciles represent the people in our government.") Still, a bad day all around for America's corporate and political "leaders." As to the sweepstakes: After watching video of him, we think Shkreli takes it by a greasy hair.

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