Really Cold and Really Scared: Some Stories Are Not Meant For Children

Really Cold and Really Scared: Some Stories Are Not Meant For Children

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Arriving at Lesbos. Photo by Andrew McConnell/UNHCR

The scale is numbing. World leaders from up to 30 countries are heading to London for a Thursday conference to raise $9 billion for urgently needed schooling, job training and other support for struggling Syrian refugees, including an estimated four million kids now out of school. Given the politicos include U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron - who last week rejected calls from aid groups to take in 3,000 unaccompanied children - and they already failed to raise their targeted funds last year, the prognosis looks unpromising. Meanwhile, the calamity on the Greek Islands lurches on. Over 26,000 children have arrived, many "with not a soul in the world," dozens have drowned trying to, and 6,000 more people arrive each day to squalid conditions, administrative chaos and uncertain and likely hardscrabble futures. Meanwhile, aid groups desperately try to get our attention with a flood of heart-stopping photos, videos, powerful online campaigns of Unfairy Tales and vows of #NoLostGeneration of Syrian children, and tales of anguish. Here are some: the desperate scene at Lesbos, the small bodies that didn't make it (Warning: graphic), the ravaged father seeking safety who lost his wife and seven children, the rubble that is Homs to send to those who scream refugees should go back where they came from, the stories of loss and, yes, sometimes hope from those who reach land, and the vital warning by Doctors Without Borders that, "This is not going to stop." Help here, or here, or wherever you can.

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