There Is No Future With Occupation

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Vowing "we will keep resisting until they leave,” Palestinians continue to defy the Israeli Occupation even as its abuses -  expulsions, demolitions, arrests of kids and expansion of settlements, all despite international censure - persist. Since October, over 160 Palestinians and about two dozen Israelis have been killed and about 1,000 Palestinians a week injured in confrontations in Gaza and the West Bank. Photographers from the collective ActiveStills have collected portraits of the protests and their fiery leaders, often youth with no political affiliation other than the quiet, implacable belief that, "This is our land. We must do anything to free it from occupation.” While some outsiders view the unrest of the past few months as a nascent Third Intifada, young disenfranchised Palestinians don't bother with a name for what they daily endure. “First intifada, second intifada, it doesn’t matter," says one. "The intifada is connected to the occupation, and so it will continue. It is an ongoing process.”

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