Hello Huck: Try the Pork Chops

Hello Huck: Try the Pork Chops

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Yowza. It took Mike "God-Guns-Grits-Gravy" Huckabee, polling at 2% and 8th out of 11 lunatics in Iowa, to make the weirdest, worstest, most deranged ad in an election that he astutely observes has "gone cuckoo- ca-choo." Preach it, Mike! Channeling Adele and Monty Python, the video's mercifully invisible chanteuse says Mike's gotten frostbite and gangrene from so much campaigning, applauds local landmarks in lyrics like "Your Woodbury County Supper Club/ has quite a cute ba-bee!", calls Iowans "stubborn and picky" which is then tortuously made to rhyme with, "There's just no difference between Obama and Hillary," and repeatedly laments that, "If Bernie wins I'm going to dieeeee!" At random times it also bizarrely swerves into excruciating clips of a robotic Hillary attempting to do the Nae Nae, and giddily slings mud at Ted Cruz, because sure why not. The response to what Huckabee's campaign cheerily calls "a parody" has been basically...."Umm, hello?" Sample comments: "Is this real? I'm on painkillers for knee surgery so perhaps it's those...Wait, you're still running?....Huck. Stop it." Also a post asking, "Huck, are you ok?" with boxes titled "Yes" and "No." In a word, no. We eagerly await "Hello, Huck" finding its rightful bonkers place in the annals of.... something, perhaps on another planet you may or may not want to visit.


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