Freedom's Call: Star-Spangled Aryan Children Dance and Sing About How Dear Leader Trump Will Crush 'Murica's Enemies, Like, Probably, You

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GOP debate too much for you? Try the Americanest spectacle ever at this week's Trump rally in Pensacola, Fla., where three little (white, duh) girls from USA Freedom Kids patriotically sang and pranced to their own, deranged, charmingly Kim Jong-un-and-Hitler-esque ode to the Donald and “Ameritude” and how we must "stand up tall and answer freedom's call." With memorable lyrics like "Cowardice? Are you serious? Apologies for Freedom/I can't handle this," they proclaimed, “Enemies of freedom face the music, come on boys take ’em down/President Donald Trump knows how to make America great/Deal from strength or get crushed every time!” Also, the tune is way catchy, so we can probably all sing it on our work crews in the progressive internment camps. U.S.A! God save us.

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