Yo Guv, We Mighta Found Smoothie, Still Looking For D-Money and Shifty

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Sigh. Maine's racist imbecile of a governor Paul LePage is making news again for projectile vomiting moronic words out of his face - this time, blaming Maine's real, ruinous, death-dealing heroin epidemic on imaginary black dudes named D-Money, Smoothie and Shifty, who come here from New York and Connecticut to sell dope, impregnate white girls, maybe rap a bit and then go home. After everybody freaked out that he actually out loud said those things, he sorta lumbered through an even more stunningly offensive non-apology that utterly, miraculously missed the point, blathering about how his "brain (sic) didn't catch up to my mouth" and why are these lefty bloggers out to get him for One Little Slip-Up and anyway who said anything about race, not him, nope, uh uh. Twitter was on it. Samples: "The governor of Maine's comments are disgusting. D-money, smoothie & shifty are actually stand-up guys once you get to know em" and "Je suis smoothie."

The same night LePage opened his trap to emit his racist bile, Maine DEA officials arrested three people for heroin trafficking. Their names are James, Jody and Donna. All three are white Mainers. Last month, in what was called the largest drug investigation in Oxford County history, police also announced the arrests of 15 people indicted for dealing heroin with an estimated street value of $3.2 million. Of the 15 suspects, there is one Hispanic guy and two white women from out of state, and one white female Mainer. The rest, 12, are white men from Maine. Their names are Brian, Scott, Brandon, Michael, Gregory, Cameron, Del, Dana, Richard, Kevin, Morgan, Courtney, Matthew, Jacob and Brianna. And  to our mindless misguided cretin of a guv, just one more thing: They are - please save us sweet mother of God and sane governance - all of us.

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Aka D-Money, Smoothie and Shifty


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