We Have Too Many F*cking Guns

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Another. The latest sick and blood-soaked manifestation of American "liberty" - this one in San Bernardino - was the second mass shooting that day, the third since Planned Parenthood, the 355th in the year's 336 days so far, and the 1,042nd since Sandy Hook. We know the number of dead children and patients and people with disabilities and many many other hapless victims randomly murdered while going about their once-serene lives because this country, alone in the world, has a Mass Shooting Tracker, a savage sign in and of itself. It doesn't even stop at mass shootings: Every week in America, there are 300 people shot dead in smaller incidents of murder, suicide, accidents and other lethal acts of mayhem. And, astoundingly, people are buying more guns all the time. On the day of the attack at Planned Parenthood, the FBI processed two firearm background checks per second, the most since a December day in 2012 - the day after Sandy Hook. Go figure, if you can. We can't.

House Republicans, meanwhile, just blocked debate on a bill to close a loophole allowing suspected terrorists to legally buy guns, just as they and their colleagues have blocked every other substantive attempt to limit our insane proliferation of firearms over lo these many years and many massacres. Many of them - surprise! - receive large chunks of campaign cash from the NRA, but that's probably just a coincidence. After San Bernardino - and though their knees must be getting pretty damn worn out by now - they once again took to the exploitative airwaves to offer their empty thoughts and prayers. Earth to wingnuts: God isn't listening, or perhaps She's otherwise engaged. Either way, we will remain steeped in murderous death,  by a "toxic infatuation" with guns and too many lying, craven, NRA-funded politicos, until we have meaningful gun control laws, which do in fact control guns - or until, some observers have, noted, every black male from 18-35 applies for a conceal carry permit. In America today, "The only reason you have not been shot is because nobody has yet decided to shoot you." From post-Newtown Connecticut's Sen. Chris Murphy: "Your "thoughts" should be about steps to take to stop this carnage. Your "prayers" should be for forgiveness if you do nothing - again."

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