Framing Suspects in Alabama: All Those Things Black Lives Matter Says About Racism and Justice Are True

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In a stunning if alas less than surprising indictment of the enduring institutional racism of American "justice" - one suggested alternate headline: "Water Is Wet" - a leaked report has found that racist cops in Dothan, Ala. in conjunction with a complicit D.A. have been planting drugs and guns for years on black suspects, many of whom had long charged they were being framed and up to a thousand of whom nonetheless remain jailed on those false charges. (For visual evidence of the department's ongoing racial narrative, check out their mugshots.) Silver Lining Dept: The reveal came from "concerned" whistle-blowing fellow-cops whose charges were long silenced by corrupt higher-ups. Today, they say they are willing to testify against former colleagues and they "hope the mood of the country is one that demands action and that the US Department of Justice will intervene." Bottom line: "The public has a right to know." 

The report from the Alabama Justice Project, with support from the Southern Poverty Law Center, came after fellow officers stepped up to charge that up to a dozen members of a specialized narcotics team had been planting drugs and weapons on young black defendants since at least 1996. The cops also all belonged to a secret Neo-confederate organization, dubbed “racial extremists” by the SPLC, that advocates for blacks to return to Africa, argues the civil rights movement is a Jewish conspiracy, and believes blacks have lower IQ’s. The white supremacists were supervised - both on the job and in the club - by Dothan's current police chief and the state of Alabama's current Assistant Director of Homeland Security. Even richer, officers' complaints and a subsequent internal affairs investigation were ignored and covered up by superiors, including the current district attorney. So: Charges made by many hundreds of powerless, railroaded, so-called suspects with dark skin get ignored for years until a handful of cops with likely largely white skin insist they be heard. There is ugly full circle irony here, though perhaps, too, modest reason to hope.  

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